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Realizing the acute shortfall of Engineering and technological education in both private and public sector universities, a group of philanthropist created Primeasia Foundation and came forward to establish non-profit making and non-sectarian private university named Primeasia University to provide quality education in Science, Engineering and Technology. The Primeasia University got Government and UGC approval on August 26, 2003 and launched its educational program from October 01, 2003.

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Dr. Md. Sirajul karim

Professor of Chemistry and Head of Department of Basic Science

We are still a developing country. We are still not free from poverty, hunger, and disease. Moreover, we are unable to solve the problem of over-crowded cites and roads, and have not been able to connect remote areas of the country to the cities or to the local bazaars where the producer can market their agricultural products. Most of the rural areas have no electricity, inadequate sanitation, unclean drinking water and so on. In order to address and find a sustainable solution, we need educated, technically skilled and proficient manpower. There is a significant dearth of them at the momen ...

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