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Head - Department of Basic Science

Dr. Md. Sirajul karim

Professor of Chemistry and Head of Department of Basic Science

Message From the Head

We are still a developing country. We are still not free from poverty, hunger, and disease. Moreover, we are unable to solve the problem of over-crowded cites and roads, and have not been able to connect remote areas of the country to the cities or to the local bazaars where the producer can market their agricultural products. Most of the rural areas have no electricity, inadequate sanitation, unclean drinking water and so on. In order to address and find a sustainable solution, we need educated, technically skilled and proficient manpower. There is a significant dearth of them at the moment in the country. So, the question is, how and where do we would get them? Through education, and there is no other alternative. And in order for us to achieve this, we need institutions for higher learning. We have to remember that nature is not partial to one group of people or the other. That is to say that the talent is not concentrated in cities or in the rich echelon of people. It is rather scattered arbitrarily all over the whole country among all people regardless of rich or poor, city-dwellers or country-people. Therefore, the doors of opportunity should be open to take part in the social and economic progress of the country. Public universities and other public institutions can provide it only partially, but a large majority of the HSC graduates remain outside the public sector. Therefore, there is a need for private universities, schools and colleges. Not only Science and Engineering, in fact, all education has social as well economic dimensions. However, education in Science and Engineering in developing countries is prone to be confronted with much more difficulty such as lack of qualified and trained manpower, paucity of funds etc. Primeasia University was established to mitigate the problem of the low-income group or people with limited means in society, who cannot send their sons and daughters abroad for higher education, or cannot afford the domestic, better known, private universities. It has somewhat succeeded in its efforts. Now there are about four thousand (4000) students studying at this university. We welcome you to the Department of Basic Science at Primeasia University. The department consists of the supports all the fundamental and advanced courses of Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, and Chemistry for the students of the school of Engineering, Biological Sciences, and Business. The faculties of Basic Science are highly educated, experienced and resourceful. The department has two fully equipped modern Physics labs and two Chemistry labs. The Department is proud of its rich tradition spanning from the time of the university’s establishment more than a decade ago and is blessed with an excellent academic staff.